Dave Diggs

Owner / Master Barber, The Barbers Inc

Dave Diggs is a barber on the International Education & Style Team for Andis clipper company and the owner of The Barbers Inc Barbershop. His multiracial background has made it natural for him to understand, relate to and execute styles and hair trends for all ethnicities.

Based out of the San Francisco Bay Area (San Jose, CA), Diggs hair industry endeavors have taken him internationally. Originally an engineering student at San Jose State University, Diggs changed career goals three years into earning his Bachelor’s degree. Graduating from San Francisco Barber College in 2010, Dave has quickly earned respect and praise from industry leaders worldwide.

In May of 2016, Diggs established a digital media production company, SVCMDM.com, to provide photography, videography, graphics and social media management for businesses and professionals. He is the author of Social Media Strategies For Barbers And Stylists, producer of the award winning documentary “The Barbershop Diaries”, producer of the 4 part barbering educational DVD series “#Faded Barbering Instructional Series”, producer of the iconic “Interview with an Icon” series, and creator of the iPhone and Android app “Dave Diggs Barber Academy”. His current clientele includes major actors, musicians and professional athletes, elevating him to “Celebrity Barber” status.

Diggs has also acclaimed multiple awards and accomplishments during his short amount of time in the industry: Inspiration & Mentorship Award from the Western Barber Conference, Multiple Commendations from the City of San Jose for Outstanding Community Service, Circle of Friendship Award from the Silicon Valley NAACP, Outstanding Community Service Award from 100 Black Men of the Silicon Valley, 1st Place at the 2017 San Jose Cosmo Prof Barber Battle, HARAMBEE award from San Jose State University, and the 2017 Gene Young Award from the African American Community Service Agency.